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HairWhisper PiranaWhisper Cutting Shears

HairWhisper PiranaWhisper Cutting Shears

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PiranaWhisper shears are the next generation of cutting shears available exclusively from HairWhisper. These hand crafted shears allow for both precision and slide cutting as well as razor application on wet and dry hair. This patented technology grants stylists the utmost convenience as it fuses a razor and scissors into one.

The PiranaWhisper scissors function as a razor only when closed. The exterior structure of the scissor acts as a comb when run through the hair, detangling the hair and guiding it towards the inner blades where the hair is then cut in a razor fashion. This allows the stylist to flow between blending and cutting when styling a client’s hair.

The blades use Hairwhisper’s TruConvex technology giving them the ultimate performance possible. The shears will cut through hair and slide cut with minimal hair slide, even when cutting dry hair.

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